Change the world

It is our desire to render friendly, professional and consistently reliable service to you, our clients. We regard ourselves as ‘the face of HR’ as we are often the first line of contact with new staff and even during the entire career of all Nelson Mandela University staff on all levels as well as prospective staff members and other external contacts.

Each HR Consultant acts as a ‘Personnel Manager’ for specifically allocated faculties, directorates, etc. For example, a specific HR Consultant would typically manage various HR functions such as recruitment, appointment, Retirement Fund matters, consultation, execution of HR Policies and the like during the entire career of a staff member.

The purpose of HR: Human Capital Management can be summarised as follows:

  • To provide a quality advisory and support service to line management and employees ensuring compliance with policies, procedures, legislation and best practice

We are committed to the above and undertake to serve you, our valued clients, to the best of our ability.