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The Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs) related the Contracts of Employment will be amended for the final phase of the automated process. Currently the Ts&Cs applicable for appointments of less than one year relate to:

Terms and Conditions include:

"I have read, understood and agree to abide by the relevant Nelson Mandela University rules, regulations, policies and procedures related to Short-Term Contracts as set out at:


I take cognisance of the following:

  • that it is a legal requirement for employees to be in possession of valid contracts of employment PRIOR to commencement of employment;
  • foreign nationals must also ensure that Nelson Mandela University is provided with the valid work permit documentation prior to recruitment;
  • that NO payments will be made if the valid certified supporting documentation (eg ID) is not submitted to the HR Front Office Support Desk with the Routing Request Number quoted as the reference;
  • that NO payments will be made if Nelson Mandela University does not have the valid SARS Tax Reference number which must be sent to  quoting the Employee Number as the reference."


Banking details have been removed from the routed e-mails. Employees can view personal details through iEnabler, under PERSONNEL BIOGRAPHICAL and PERSONAL MAINTENANCE. Employees must notify Payroll of changes to banking details by submitting a hard copy of the Change of Banking Details form, available to the right.


Self-help for active employees is available from HR's SharePoint site.